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Can I ask about spoken word games here?

Strictly speaking I Spy would be on-topic as it hits the 4 qualifications that we use to define an on-topic game here: Be playable on or around a table Have objective rules of play and win conditions ...
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What tag should I use for a Spoons-related question?

Go ahead, ask the question. Don't worry about the tags. We've got a fair number of people who will edit your post later and fix up the tag. We prefer any question about a specific game be tagged ...
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Witcher Adventure Game

Since I asked the questions and they have neither attracted downvotes nor been closed, I am assuming that they are fine.
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What does the help center mean by "the preparation of miniatures/terrain/etc."?

If the game is on topic for B&CG.SE (ex. Warhammer), then questions about building and painting miniatures and terrain for those games are also on topic. While most of the questions we get are ...
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Are questions regarding historical tournament results of MTG decks on-topic?

Yes, regardless of the deck As murgatroid says: A rule about whether questions are on topic needs to depend on the topic itself, not on external information about the specific subject. Let the votes ...
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What tag should I use for a Spoons-related question?

I have a question about a game for which there is no tag. What do I do? I think this is good justification for creating a new tag, at least for as long as this community continues to categorize ...
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