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How can I structure questions appropriately to learn more about strategy for the games I enjoy?

A mantra for this (and any Stack Exchange site) is that questions must be objectively answerable. Objectively evaluating strategies is something I only know how to do in the case of a "solved" game, ...
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Can I ask about spoken word games here?

Strictly speaking I Spy would be on-topic as it hits the 4 qualifications that we use to define an on-topic game here: Be playable on or around a table Have objective rules of play and win conditions ...
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What tag should I use for a Spoons-related question?

Go ahead, ask the question. Don't worry about the tags. We've got a fair number of people who will edit your post later and fix up the tag. We prefer any question about a specific game be tagged ...
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Witcher Adventure Game

Since I asked the questions and they have neither attracted downvotes nor been closed, I am assuming that they are fine.
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How can I structure questions appropriately to learn more about strategy for the games I enjoy?

The more work you've done on your strategy question, the better it's likely to be. A weak question is, "What are the best strategies for game X?" A stronger question is, how does strategy X prevent ...
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What does the help center mean by "the preparation of miniatures/terrain/etc."?

If the game is on topic for B&CG.SE (ex. Warhammer), then questions about building and painting miniatures and terrain for those games are also on topic. While most of the questions we get are ...
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Are questions regarding historical tournament results of MTG decks on-topic?

Yes, regardless of the deck As murgatroid says: A rule about whether questions are on topic needs to depend on the topic itself, not on external information about the specific subject. Let the votes ...
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What tag should I use for a Spoons-related question?

I have a question about a game for which there is no tag. What do I do? I think this is good justification for creating a new tag, at least for as long as this community continues to categorize ...
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Considering the number of strategy questions, should we write specific scope limitations for strategy questions?

One way to focus strategy questions might be to suggest to the asker to consider putting forth a strategy and asking about the strengths and weaknesses of it, i.e instead of What are some good ...
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