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My post on a Nemesis thread

With all due respect, did you read the comments that were posted? However, please note that we're not a regular discussion forum, but rather a focused Q&A site. If you have a new question, please ...
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My post on a Nemesis thread

Stack Exchange is a question and answer site, not a system of post threads like most forums and social media. You posted a new question as an answer to the question - it wasn't an answer so it was ...
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My post on a Nemesis thread

Your "answer" was deleted because it did not provide an answer to the question. For more information, please see Why and how are some answers deleted? If you want to know how to write a good ...
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Could we consider reopening this Yu-Gi-Oh Question?

This question reached 5 votes and was reopened :) Thank you for taking it into consideration.
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Are questions regarding historical tournament results of MTG decks on-topic?

Yes, regardless of the deck As murgatroid says: A rule about whether questions are on topic needs to depend on the topic itself, not on external information about the specific subject. Let the votes ...
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