Go ahead and ask, we've got several similar questions already. In general, the advice murgatroid gave is perfect. Ask whatever question you want on the main site. If a question gets closed, and you don't understand why, then taking it to meta is a good way to go.


I'm the mod that deleted that answer. I've never noticed this spam text behaviour before, because as Jefromi's test shows, mods don't see the replacement text. I completely agree that this answer is not spam. In fact, I didn't act on the spam flag. The post triggered a deluge of flags - 4x 'not an answer', 2x 'very low quality', 1x 'spam', and 1x 'invalid ...


They look like dupes to me. The reason they are on the front page, have answers, and are not already marked as duplicates is likely due to somebody using those questions as a place to advertise their bridge related website.


This question reached 5 votes and was reopened :) Thank you for taking it into consideration.


Speaking as a user here and a mod on another site, I agree - the spam flag was misused on that post, and I've seen it on other deleted posts as well. The spam flag is meant for actual spam: people trying to advertise. (And the offensive flag is for actually offensive things - hate speech and so on.) That's why the deletion with those flags triggers that ...

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