I was looking at the tag and noticed that it seems to define two additional tags for the expansions, namely "battlestar-galactica-pegasus" and "battlestar-galactica-exodus". Neither tag has any entries. However, there are two questions tagged . I attempted to edit those questions so that their tag was "battlestar-galactica-exodus", but encountered an error:

Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because:

'battlestar-galactica-exodus' exceeds maximum tag length of 25 characters

What should we do about this? Maybe switch to "bsg-exodus"? But that seems less clear...

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My bad - I think I added those to the wiki blindly believing I'd used them before, but clearly I hadn't. I think bsg-exodus is clear enough personally but I'm intimately familiar with BSG already so I'm biased.

Edit: I fixed the wiki (edit queued, that is) to link to the existing pegasus and exodus tags, at least. They may be fine as they are.

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    I recommend renaming the tags to add the "bsg-" prefix. Even if people don't know "bsg", the scoping will help to convey that these aren't new (as-yet-unknown-to-the-reader) games. Jul 15, 2013 at 14:28

We can now rename it

All sites are now allowed to use tags with 35 characters. Thus we can rename these tags to and .

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