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These links should now be fixed. These actually step outside the standard link replacer, because of some implementation details in the autocard functionality works. So, there may be a few stragglers floating around with broken links. Any edit to those posts should fix the issue, even if the edit does not change the autocard link itself. Bar those few posts, ...


I would say they are not on topic here as the legal issues can be very tricky and users on this site are not expected to have the required legal knowledge to properly answer those questions. I can very easily see that an incorrect answer is given due to some misreading of the exact situation involved in the question and it could cause anyone reading and ...


Making an exact copy of every part of a typical board game may well be an infringement of copyright, depending on the age of the game. But it will often be possible to create a version of a game which does not infringe copyright but has a very similar, if not identical, play experience. I will call such a reworked game a "clone". Game mechanics and ...


For what it's worth... I consider the real question to be defined by the body of the post, and the title to be just a summary. Ideally they should be consistent with each other, but if there's any ambiguity about what's actually being asked, I take the body of the post as authoritative. So as I see it, the real question is primarily this: ...are any of ...


Yes, regardless of the deck As murgatroid says: A rule about whether questions are on topic needs to depend on the topic itself, not on external information about the specific subject. Let the votes decide if a particular question is an issue, and we can address any flooding if questions if it occurs.


Simply put I think they are answering the question by talking about alternate methods of choosing a starting player that work for them. In the end if a starting method works or not really comes down to opinion as there are methods that work for some groups and don't work for others.

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