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Alice, Bob, and Carol — Should we encourage using placeholder names for the players?
6 votes

I largely agree with @Andrew. Many games have names that would be more appropriate than the names of the players. In particular, in games with named factions, you should use the names of the factions ...

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Do we need a pre-emptive cannonical QA for diferentiating Mana and Land in Magic: The gathering?
3 votes

I made a new question (What is the difference between lands and mana?) as the canonical question for the sake of clarity. I was motivated by a similar argument espoused by @BJ Myers. While the ...

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Time sensitivity of magic questions
-2 votes

I would argue that all magic questions are potentially ephemeral because of the potential for the underlying rules of the game to change. Combat damage used to go on the stack and then it didn't. ...

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