Academia and Employment:

  • Graduate in BSc Computer Games Programming (focused on C++ and C#, though I'm a bit rusty)
  • Currently employed as a Data Admin, which includes a number of MS Office projects (such as automated spreadsheets and Access Databases which require heavy use of VBA)

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Video Games (if that wasn't obvious from the above), mostly RPGs and Action games. Notable favourites include: Okami, the Monster Hunter series, the Disgaea series and Borderlands 2.
  • Role-playing Games. My introduction to RPGs was a Games Society at university, with a homebrewed hack of Feng Shui. Notable experience with: L5R (4E), Dungeon World, Apocalypse World, Homebrew systems of my own design.
  • Collectible Card Games. I'm primarily a MtG player and have been playing since the release of Zendikar, currently focusing on standard with a Jeskai Tempo deck. In the past I've also dabbled in L5R, Yu-gi-oh, Cardfight!!Vanguard and Force of Will.
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