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When should expansion tags be used?
Accepted answer
9 votes

My view is the more information the better. Some expansions can change the rules and tiles, options, cards etc of a game and can make an answer incorrect because of the amount of information supplied. ...

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Provide links to BGG, Wikipedia, or the official game page?
6 votes

I prefer to link to Wikipedia usually. My reasons are: I find BGG too difficult to read and far too cluttered, so linking to it for someone looking for info, I think is a bad idea. Linking to the ...

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Who should the moderators be?
3 votes

I would like to nominate Pat Ludwig/meta. Not just because he has the highest reputation score currently, but because of the activity, detail of answers and commitment to the site. Well, 2 negative ...

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"recommend a game" questions
2 votes

Another question has been asked (and closed) here The question has generated some discussion about the suitability of the question and two sides of the ...

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What's the best way to describe our hobby's games?
1 votes

I tend to call the games I enjoy as Euro Games. Whilst I appreciate that the origins of games are no longer purely european, the style and nature of these games definitely have evolved from the ...

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What should our logo and site design look like?
0 votes

Does anyone know the copyright rules of using board game pieces in the Logo? I like @Jon Hadley's idea about the cards and a board game piece, but not sure of the legality.

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Is it offtopic to play or anounce games through BCG?
0 votes

I think it would be off topic. However, if there is a site where people can announce games, or even a twitter tag, then I would expect to see a question such as "Where can I find announcements for ...

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