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What is the history of game stacks on Stack Exchange?

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Considering the number of strategy questions, should we write specific scope limitations for strategy questions?

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Should this site be called "tabletop games"?

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What are the actual use cases for tags?

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What to do if you have a much different (and potentially better) way of asking a question that has essentially already been asked?

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Should Magic The Gathering have it's own StackExchange?

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On whether asking "how winners spend their last moves" is on-topic

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I would be interested in writing (blank) Community Blog articles!

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Is it a good or bad idea to cite your own question-relevant experience(s)?

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I would be interested in reading about (blank) in a Community Blog!

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What is appropriate use of the "beginner" tag?

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How do we get the questions per day count up?

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Is this a game recommendation question?