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Congratulations, you're no longer in Beta!

2 votes

If Magic SE opens, will all Magic questions be migrated from Board and Card Games?

8 votes

Would support for Magic: the Gathering rendering make you move site?

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Time sensitivity of magic questions

1 vote

Magic tag cleanup effort requested

7 votes

Should we accept edits of a subjective nature to other people's answers (or questions)?

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FAQ Update - suggest example games

1 vote

Where can I ask questions like this: "Hi there. Tell me your opinion about my deck"

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Should the FAQ Description of Board and Card Games reflect both Board and Card games?

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Is "" a suitable url for a board and CARD games site?

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Why was "What should I buy to teach Magic: The Gathering to someone?" closed for being "too localized"?

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Elder-Dragon-Highlander versus Commander tags