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Can a gold badge holder nominate/vote to close a question as a duplicate?

No, once you have this power you cannot choose not to use it. Often, if I'm not entirely sure, I'll wait for two or three other people to vote before voting myself. That way, even though my vote is ...
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Recent Yu-Gi-Oh questions reaction - seems overcritical

There are a variety of factors here, and some of them might be actionable. First, it's important to recognize that duplicate closure is not intended to be a punishment or anything like that. Closing a ...
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Closed a dupe but with the wrong Q&A, please close again

status-completed – I've dupehammered it. In the future, you could edit the duplicate list instead of reopening it.
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Is one distinguishing feature between two questions sufficient to make the second question NOT a duplicate of the first?

The best option might actually be to create a third, comprehensive question, comparing the three trading options all in one place, and if possible consolidating the best answers from the existing ...
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