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Peer voting on questions and answers gives users most of their reputation, and also usually controls how posts are sorted to the top.

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Downvoting other answers to increase vote ratio with self answer

This is a question that can be asked in any Meta but I decided to ask here as it happened here. I won't name anyone but you can see I have only one answer so you will know whom I am talking about. I ...
2 votes
2 answers

Extra Question Votes not working

I've tried for two days now to reach the new 40-vote limit (10 for questions). The first day I voted for all things and got stopped before 40. Today I voted for only answers until I hit 30, then ...
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Vote Early, Vote Often! [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Vote Early, Vote Often Just a friendly reminder. Recently our Q/A rate has been stable, traffic is a bit up, but ...
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Vote Early, Vote Often

Jeff Atwood post new article about voting. Read: Vote Early, Vote Often. Voting is the secong thing most important to SE sites. Don't waste your votes and incentive new user to vote. Jeff also post ...
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