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Rename [priority] to [mtg-priority] and [stack] to [mtg-stack]

Some Magic: the Gathering mechanics have their own tags: Do specific mechanics in MTG need their own tags? They all start with mtg-, so can one of the ♦ moderators rename priority to mtg-...
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Rename [combinatorial-games] to [combinatorial-game-theory]

The combinatorial-games tag should be renamed to combinatorial-games-theory, because that is what it is about and what it is used for. The tag wiki says this, emphasis added by me: Use for ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Expanding tags to 35 characters

In the past, we've had a number of tags that have been limited by the site's 25 character tag limit. Thanks to that limit being increased to 35 characters, we can now fix a number of these tags. Mods ...
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