As of May 31, 2023, we have updated our Code of Conduct.

Questions tagged [subjective]

Formerly one of the possible reasons for closing a question, it has been superseded by the "not constructive" close reason. This tag is for questions *about* subjectivity, *not* for indicating that your question is subjective.

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8 votes
3 answers

Considering the number of strategy questions, should we write specific scope limitations for strategy questions?

It seems to me like most strategy questions could be considered subjective and broad in scope, as many people will have different answers based on their own play styles. However, when tailored to ...
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1 vote
3 answers

We need more subjective, spirited, and open ended debate

TL; DR: The culture from is mostly useful, but not all parts are a perfect fit for BSG.SE, let's only keep the good parts. While I love that BSG.SE doesn't devolve into flamewars ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Do we want 'Game Like ..." questions?

I think we're getting too many "Game Like ..." questions, like this and that. These seem to be very subjective with so few details that thousands of games could be listed. You also could make ...
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14 votes
2 answers

On the over-enthusiastic use of community wiki to protect poor questions

I have recently seen several examples of highly subjective questions which were made community wiki by a moderator, presumably in order to give them some semblance of propriety. The most current ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Lists of games - good and bad

This site has a lot of lists of games. Previously these may all have been closed or converted to CW (Community Wiki). This community appears to have chosen to allow many of these questions and find ...
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