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My post on a Nemesis thread

I was wondering why My post was deleted in the question regarding the nest destruction I think it was an alternative / question following the same line of the idea. Does depressurising The Nest kill ...
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Are questions about playing space on topic?

Are questions about managing a physical play space on topic? I read through the current on-topic page, and it does not mention this topic. It seems like most of the topics are about the games ...
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Are questions regarding historical tournament results of MTG decks on-topic?

There is a question I've been meaning to ask about the history of tournament results of certain Magic: The Gathering decks during a particular standard season, but I am not completely sure whether the ...
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Could we consider reopening this Yu-Gi-Oh Question?

I edited this question and now it's clearer what it is asking: Can I play Yu-Gi-Oh! with only level 5 or higher cards? I voted to reopen, and would like to ask the Community to consider voting as ...
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About probability - understanding the scope for a future question

I was reading the info about probability tag, which I quote: Questions about probabilistic game mechanics and how to calculate and estimate random events, as well as how probability affects games ...
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Is this answer really spam?

In this question Destroying a Planewalker before its ability is used, this answer was deleted as spam. The answer has been replaced with: This ...
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What's the difference between the two online-bridge questions?

The following questions are currently adjacent on the front page: Online resources for learning/practicing bridge (3 answers) Is there a good casual online place to practice/learn bridge? (2 answers)...
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Should we close question that are just "what are good strategy tips for such-and-such game"?

I've seen a series of question posted on strategy tips for various kinds of poker: Description of Poker 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo Strategies? Description of Poker Omaha Strategies? Description of Poker Texas ...
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