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Markdown is a lightweight, plain-text, markup language. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (Questions, answers, wikis, chat).

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What are the use cases for Preformatted Text?

I like to edit questions. Sometimes I look at a perfect question and make it a bit more concise, placing things in list etc. One thing that I like is to mark game states and actions in Preformatted ...
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What are the unwritten rules of BCG.SE MtG Questions and Answers? [closed]

Following some comment bits on "If a card is cloned...," I am curious as to any remaining style guidance, or norms, that a new arrival would want to be aware of? At the link, it was noted that it is ...
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Can we agree on a standard format for MTG rules quotes?

Is there any chance that the community could come together on a standard format for rules quotes? Individuality is great, but so is consistency. 21.2a This is the relevant piece of the rule. [...] I ...
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Can we get auto conversion of mana and tap symbols?

For example, convert the text {1}{G}{U}{B}{R}{W}{T} to If we can't use the actual symbols, then maybe just the letter/number on a colored background (preferably a circle)?
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Where can I go to learn about B&CG's specialty markup?

So, we've been talking about adding AutoCard for Magic. That brings up this question: Where can I go to actually learn about the site's special markup features? If I were a new poster working on my ...
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Editor tool to link to BoardGameGeek

Can we have a special Link button in the editor to make links to BoardGameGeek? I see I should have explained it a little more... What I'm looking for is a button where you just have to enter the ...
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