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Are questions specifically about the computer version of a game on topic?

Our help center says: Questions about computer implementations of board games are fine. and our close reasons include: Questions about computer-based games (except for computer-based versions ...
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Are computer Go questions on topic?

In the earlier Game of Go proposal, all computer Go questions were on topic, but I'm not sure if they are on BGSE, too. Computer Go basically refers to two things: Algorithms and knowledge related ...
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Are computerized versions of board and card games on topic?

With the proliferation of tablets, there have been several board games ported to the medium, that either by hot seat play, or using the tablet as a board, can be utilized in place of the actual game. ...
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Should questions involving computer versions of card/board games be allowed? [duplicate]

Engines that play Mangala? In this question I asked for a Mancala/Mangala game engine. Since this is a computer version of a board game, it was closed. However, Where can I practice MTG draft online ...
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Of-topic: Computer game support [duplicate]

The on-topic areas for computer game (for games with a board game version) related questions needs to be updated to account for computer support related questions. Questions dealing with hardware, ...
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