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Awarded to encourage and incentivize positive community actions within the site.

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Can a gold badge holder nominate/vote to close a question as a duplicate?

I recently earned the gold badge for Magic: The Gathernig (yay), and that means that now if I mark a question as a duplicate, it is instantly closed. This is a fun new power that I promise not to ...
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How can I tell if badge is possible to gain more than once?

I think it should be clearly stated in the Badges section. For example, consider Vox Populi bronze badge: Used the maximum 40 votes in a day. This says nothing about possibility to get awarded ...
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How can I check my progress towards a particular badge?

Specifical, I want to know about the Struck & White badge. I seem to remember at one point that the number of edits to posts that I have made appeared somewhere on the page, but it doesn't seem to ...
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Why do my badges change from beta to meta, but not my rep?

I see at the top of the meta page that my rep doesn't change when I switch views from the main beta site to its meta site. But the badges do change. Is there a reason why the badges are not made to "...
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Vote Early, Vote Often! [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Vote Early, Vote Often Just a friendly reminder. Recently our Q/A rate has been stable, traffic is a bit up, but ...
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Are tag-specific badges available in public betas?

I was poking around the tag statistics tonight, and noticed that Brian Campbell has 132 votes for the Recommendations tag, but no badge for hitting 100 upvotes in the category. Are these badges ...
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How does this link sharing work?

Recently when upvoting questions I frequently get this small pop-up offering me to share the link to get a badge. That's all nice and good but how and where do I do this? All I got is an url like this:...
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Beta badges not visible with name

Because of the public beta, the beta batches are awarded. But I can't see them on the top row. They also don't appear with the username. I see that they are visible with users already having a silver ...
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