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This tag is for questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

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My post on a Nemesis thread

I was wondering why My post was deleted in the question regarding the nest destruction I think it was an alternative / question following the same line of the idea. Does depressurising The Nest kill ...
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3 answers

Unpinning the accepted answer

It seems that Stack Overflow is getting a change and is no longer going to pin the accepted answer at the top and will now default to sorting by post score alone. In the post announcing this they ...
5 votes
2 answers

Answer strategy questions at a lower level

When asking/browsing questions on strategy to be used for games like Connect 4, Yahtzee, 2048, etc. I sometimes found people answering by giving a link to a research paper on the game, that most ...
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2 answers

Is this answer really spam?

In this question Destroying a Planewalker before its ability is used, this answer was deleted as spam. The answer has been replaced with: This ...
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5 answers

Is it 'bad form' to source content from other people's answers?

I've just had some of my answer poached by a user here. This is what the source of the post now reads: Unfortunately you are not allowed to mix-and-match with units from different Codices any which ...