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How do we feel about questions about leaked Magic cards?

This question asks about a leaked card from Aether Revolt. (In this case it turns out that Wizards has officially published it, so it's not a perfect example anymore.) Obviously, we are not Wizards ...
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Can the Magic card auto link feature be improved?

Some Cards Generate Multiple Results If the entire name is contained within the name of another card, then linking the former card will return a result with both cards. An example can be seen with ...
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Can the Autocard feature be improved (again)?

This used to be an answer. Now it is a feature request. The Autocard feature for Magic: the Gathering was updated in 2016. Since then the community has discovered a couple of bugs. We also found a ...
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Some autocard names don't execute correctly

[mtg:Grafdigger's Cage] fails to find any cards (Try it: Grafdigger's Cage). I've double-checked it a few times. I think it's something about the ' in the card name. (This is very minor) [mtg:Sun ...
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How to correctly link to Gatherer?

When I create or click on a Magic card link to Gatherer, if the card name has a space, it doesn't resolve (on french context and what ever the browser). For example for Walking Ballista, it results to ...
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We should implement Magic the Gathering pop-ups on hover

In the comments to the original linking syntax request, ghoppe said: Thanks for the card links. As the guy who whipped up the jsfiddle, I admit I lifted the tooltip function (which is open source)...
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Mass-fix broken links from old usages of autocard functionality

We have a nice autocard feature, which lets you easily link to Magic: The Gathering cards like Lightning Bolt with the following syntax: [mtg:Lightning Bolt] When this feature was first introduced, ...
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Autocard opens non-scrolling windows

On two different computers I use, both running recent Firefox, this site's Gatherer links open non-scrolling windows. The windows both have no scroll bar and can't be scrolled by arrow keys / mouse ...
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Are there other ways to reference Magic cards in posts on BoardgamesExchange?

I wanted to write a Magic question here on BoardgamesExchange in which I need to reference some cards. So I wanted to include them in my post, but: I don't know if there are more possibilities than ...
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Autocard doesn't find a specific card, Sakashima the Impostor

Title. Sakashima the Impostor returns no search result on the gatherer site for some reason. Autocarding Sakashima or Impostor alone at least takes me to the search function that includes the wanted ...
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Why are the card links broken?

I've seen here many people use a specific syntax to have a link added automatically: example: Lightning Bolt The problem is that those links, pointing to Wizard's website are broken. Who's in charge ...
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Do we still want to switch to using Scryfall as the autocard service?

This 2017 post makes some compelling arguments for switching over to Scryfall. But it's 4 years (and a change) out of date. Before we commit to mass-fixing the currentlybroken gatherer links, can we ...
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Can anyone qualified look into the [mtg:] tag?

In this question, the "mtg:Searing Spear" (Searing Spear) doesn't work for me, and it sometimes doesn't for other cards either. It gets me to Gatherer, but it can't find any result, despite correct ...
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