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Switch Magic autocard over to a different search engine, Scryfall

So... we've had a history of bugs with the autocard feature linking to Gatherer. Whatever way we try to link to it, there's always new and different arbitrary cards that break for some reason. Today ...
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Can the Autocard feature be improved (again)?

This used to be an answer. Now it is a feature request. The Autocard feature for Magic: the Gathering was updated in 2016. Since then the community has discovered a couple of bugs. We also found a ...
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Markdown mods for Magic the Gathering?

I have seen that there is a special tag supported in the markup for Magic the Gathering [mtg...], but it's not documented in: 1) What is the full ...
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How do we create an autocard link to a card with an apostrophe in the name?

In Infractions/Player Communication - Infernal Tutor and Lion's Eye Diamond, it would be nice to link correctly to Lion's Eye Diamond. Using an apostrophe character, as in [mtg:Lion's Eye Diamond] ...
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Some autocard names don't execute correctly

[mtg:Grafdigger's Cage] fails to find any cards (Try it: Grafdigger's Cage). I've double-checked it a few times. I think it's something about the ' in the card name. (This is very minor) [mtg:Sun ...
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Should you edit answers to contain the [mtg:Card name] link instead of a direct link to the gatherer?

Currently we have the future to create card links to magic card using the following format[mtg: Card name] and this should be used instead of creating a link to the gatherer yourself, but should we ...
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Board Games SE mana symbols: a userscript for auto-conversion of mana symbols to images

Alternate name: a userscript for makin' the fancy pictures happen I've created a userscript that auto-converts MTG's mana and tap symbols to image form. A lot of us have wanted this for a while so I ...
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HoverCard, a userscript for MTG card link tooltips

I've created a userscript that shows a tooltip for any links that start with:
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Can we have AutoCard for the site chat?

Can the existing AutoCard feature be made available for the Board and Card Games chat? We discuss cards in that room all the time. Constantly opening new tabs to get links for the cards we are ...
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Autocard not working for Platinum Angel

The generated url is: Which somehow returns no results. If you add quotes around it (best approximation for our ...
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Autocard doesn't find a specific card, Sakashima the Impostor

Title. Sakashima the Impostor returns no search result on the gatherer site for some reason. Autocarding Sakashima or Impostor alone at least takes me to the search function that includes the wanted ...
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Can anyone qualified look into the [mtg:] tag?

In this question, the "mtg:Searing Spear" (Searing Spear) doesn't work for me, and it sometimes doesn't for other cards either. It gets me to Gatherer, but it can't find any result, despite correct ...
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