Following the re-release of Netrunner under the Android franchise, I expect to see more questions about it. There are two tags for the two editions ( and ), but is it worth renaming the "netrunner" tag to "netrunner-ccg" (or something else) to remove all ambiguity and avoid questions being incorrectly tagged?

If so, and as a separate question, is it worth having a generic "netrunner" tag for release-independent questions? That is, questions about Netrunner at large, but not restricted to either edition? It may be that such questions are too rare to worry about, although the fact that I wanted to ask one is what brought me here!

Comments? Opinions?

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In general, most tags should be game specific. Few if any questions should be generic enough to cross over multiple game titles. A few examples might be something like:

  • What is the history of the Catan games?
  • How does each version of Cosmic Encounter differ from each other? Are all expansions compatible with each version?
  • Can I use the Daily Actions from one D&D board game in another?

These types of questions that ask for answers within a particular universe are fairly rare, with perhaps one or two questions only. Unfortunately, with only one question, a tag will disappear. Truthfully, many of these questions could just list 4-5 games that the game is referencing, or focus on the game that they are interested in.

  • Um... you can't create a synonym. But you can retag the existing questions manually to netrunner-ccg (which I see you have done). Commented Jan 2, 2013 at 22:03
  • @ire_and_curses, yeah I figured that out when.the system blocked me. It complained that both tags (or one) needed 5+ upvotes. I suppose we will need more questions before a synonym can be made.
    – user1873
    Commented Jan 2, 2013 at 22:11

Netrunner defies the standard naming situation. It was originally put out by Wizards of the Coast and set in a generic universe. More recently it was revived, the rules and game concepts were transferred almost exactly (with a few minor adjustments and a couple major ones) and the game was set in a currently fleshed-out game-world with everything from board games to RPG's set in the same world. There are still people playing the old game, with fan-based card sets being developed and authorized for tournament play still, but the new system is out and being run by a completely different gaming company and it's not using a CCG concept but an LCG.

So I would think that and and would probably allow for all specific sets of questions. Of course... I am new here to Stackexchange still and learning my around still.

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