Can there be an LCG (Living Card Game) Tag?

With all of the LCG games (LOTR, GOT, etc.) I think there will be a lot of duplicate questions regarding the idea of this game type for each individual game


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No. LCG is a meta tag (data about data). Meta tags are detrimental to the Q&A format on SE. What purpose would an LCG tag serve?


  • LCG is a trademarked term, only Fantasy Flight Games can USDA it without a license.
  • The LCG model doesn't have a huge following.
  • What questions could possibly be asked about the LCG model that would be useful?

To add to what user1873 has said:

Adding a tag that would, by definition, encompass several games means that those games would not automatically have their game name added to the title of the page.

I think it is to our advantage that for games with more than a few questions that the game tag should be the most popular tag on the question.

However, mentioning that a game is a Living Card Game on it's wiki tooltip text here and linking to other LCG's would be a good thing to do.


I looked for questions marked . At the moment, there are none.

This leads me to think that , as a tag for questions that are generally about "living" card games, would be a similarly narrow tag. Fundamentally the only generically-applicable question about LCGs that I can think of is "What does LCG mean?"

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