My Avira antivirus program keeps alerting me about "HTML/Rce.Gen3" in wmd.js on this site. Is that just a false positive? It doesn't happen on stackoverflow.com, only this site, possibly starting when i logged in via Facebook.

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  • nod32 version 4 report nothing... – gbianchi May 4 '12 at 1:54

VirusTotal says the URI is safe, yet the downloaded file is not, according to 1/42 scanners (Avira).

So 41/42 scanners say it's safe. I've submitted a false positive report to Avira, to which they replied:

The file 'wmd.js' has been determined to be 'FALSE POSITIVE'. In particular this means that this file is not malicious but a false alarm. Detection will be removed from our virus definition file (VDF) with one of the next updates.

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