Elder Sign is a board game.

Elder Sign: Omens is an iOS app based on the board game, but with some distinct differences.

I would argue that the differences are significant enough that the two games should not be grouped under the same tag. Seeing this question which has the tag on it, the same tag used for questions about the board game, was what originally prompted my question about the differences, since I was curious whether or not it was actually an exact copy.

It seems that it is not an exact copy, based on the answer I've received as well as the small amount I've played the iOS game, which I purchased after asking the question.

It also raises the question of whether or not questions about the app belong here, or on Gaming.SE.


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Since Omens is a distinct game with it's own title and it's own unique rules, a game which is designed and played only on digital devices (a "video game", as it were), it does not really belong on this site. This isn't so much a computer implementation of a physical game as it is a new game derived from the original; just because the original it is based on is on-topic does not automatically make the derived work on-topic as well.

Any questions should somehow tie back to the actual physical board-game version to be relevant to this site, at which point the existing is sufficient (possibly with or tacked on). If the question is only applicable to Omens and not the board game itself, then it should go to Gaming.SE.

Creating a new tag exclusively for a video game seems needless, and goes against the core philosophy of this site.

  • +1 Here here. Either this computer implementation is close enough that the boardgame & computer tag are sufficient, or it isn't close enough and doesn't belong on BG.SE.
    – user1873
    Commented May 16, 2012 at 2:49

I think the best solution for these types of questions is just to use the tag in addition to the board game in question.


Since this is a game with distinct rules, but based on the board game, why wouldn't we just use a different tag like ? It's no different than a tag like which is about that particular expansion of Dominion, or which is about the online version of Magic the Gathering.

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