I recently started playing Caylus on the iOS, and thought that the answer to the following problem would help me formulate a strategy and better understand the game. Note that this question could apply to many games, and indeed I have considered the answer to this question for such games as Brass, Agricola, Princes of Florence, Le Havre etc.

How do players who consistently win utilize their last few moves in this game?

In Agricola, it would surely be some sort of super-efficient "fences + renovation + major improvement + family growth" combo, though we would have to factor in other players who are playing to win. Put in these worker placement games where players can acquire better/first turn order... well, I'm not sure if that simplifies things.


Is this question on-topic?

This is practical, since I play this game (!) and would be putting the answer(s) into practice against AI and human opponents.

The problem that I face is a lack of strategy. Sure, this is a nebulous, subjective problem to have, but a clear strategy will solve it.

I would like others to explain [this] to me.

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    I feel like you're better off asking the question than asking a meta-question about asking the question. I don't like the "[closed]" tag, either, but nothing bad actually happens when a good-faith question is closed.
    – Alex P
    Mar 27, 2012 at 15:16

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As discussed in Considering the number of strategy questions, should we write specific scope limitations for strategy questions? , strategy questions are encouraged and appreciated by the Board and Card Games community, so long as they are reasonably scoped. For example, the question:

What are good chess strategies?

is too broad. End game strategy can be reasonably scoped for many games, though I think adding some context is often warranted. For example, your question just inspired me to post a Settlers end game question I have sometimes wondered about:

What is optimal end play in Settlers?

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