A user with solid reputation on this site (over 1500 rep) tagged a question of mine with the "goldfish" tag. What does that mean? The question obviously has no connection to a real goldfish, but I don't get the deeper meaning behind this tag. Anyone able to share light on this?

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    sorry about probably not providing enough information in the "reasons for edit", so that you could see why the tag was editted. Ire&Curses has it right, a goldfish is a helpless opponent that does nothing to prevent you from playing your deck (what you described in the question). Goldfishing is sometimes used to see how fast a deck can win(win on average).
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    Commented Feb 19, 2012 at 22:13

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From this list of Magic:The Gathering jargon:

Goldfish - Playing a deck against no opposition to see how it draws and how quickly it can win, given no resistance. At one point, this also referred to playing a deck against an imaginary opponent who simply cast a 2/2 for two every turn, though that usage has fallen out of favor.

I've added this description to the tag wiki. I don't have an opinion on the tag one way or another.

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