This is probably an easy question, but it gave me pause.

We currently have questions on the site relating to both EDH and Commander - which are synonyms for the same Magic format. EDH has been "officially rebranded" as Commander, but it's still fine to call it EDH if you're a traditionalist.

It would be nice to merge these tags together, but neither of them is obviously the wrong tag. Should we go with "Commander" because it's the more up-to-date term?

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Make a tag synonym ... also add edh as a synonym.

I lack sufficient rep for synonym creation, but you should be able to.


Considering the name Elder Dragon Highlander is not mentioned even once in the Magic comprehensive rules, and the official EDH/Commander website mentions that Commander is the modern name for the format, Commander should definitely be the actual tag, and Elder Dragon Highlander a synonym of it.

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