Based on a discussion about how to remove prosaic tags, I implemented the delete-me tag as suggested by Pat. Right after I suggested the first tag synonym (starting with ) and proposed an associated wiki I got to thinking.

Would it be less confusing to name the tag , rather than ? My concern is that someone might mistake delete-me as an indication that the question should be deleted, rather than the tag itself, whereas delete-this-tag is much more clear.

FYI, as of this writing neither the synonym or delete-me wiki have been approved. (In case you're wondering why you can't see any evidence yet.)

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This is really not the correct approach. Two wrong tags does not make a right.

I can remove whatever tags you want, and we typically have "ambient" implicit blacklisted tags such as:

  • [apple] on apple.se
  • [wordpress] on wordpress.se
  • [programming] on stackoverflow.com

etc, etc.

so I removed and and blacklisted those.

  • Thanks! I wasn't aware that option was available.
    – Pat Ludwig Mod
    Commented Mar 5, 2011 at 3:51

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