The devs are always working on the software that drives this site and all the other stackexchange sites. There have been a couple recent changes that I wanted to highlight to make sure that everyone is aware of them.

  • There is a review page. On this page you can view recent questions and answers that could use more eyes on them.
    • First questions and answers - This is an easy way to help welcome new people to the site. Take a look at their posts, comment and vote as necessary. Please be polite as we want to ensure that everyone's first impressions of the site are positive. If you see something that is totally wrong (spam/offensive) then flag it and a moderator will be along shortly.
    • Low quality: An ongoing metric. I think this is mainly looking at the length of a post now. If the post is short, take a look and encourage the poster to flesh it out if you think that is necessary.
    • Late answers: These are new answers to older questions. Make sure the new answer is really needed
  • Anyone can edit I think this is a great change, and the blog post goes into the full detail, but in short
    • Low rep and anonymous users can suggest edits to all questions/answers/tag wikis
    • These go into a queue which higher rep users can view and accept
    • An accepted edit is worth 2 rep, with a max of 1000 gained per user from this function

Please give them a try!

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