I've updated the FAQ to explicitly specify some categories that we do not cover, but I'd like to also include some verbiage on what types of games we do cover.

Making this Community Wiki, please feel free to edit the main answer or supply your own as you desire.

2011/01/17 - The main faq section "What kinds of Questions should I not ask here?" has been updated. This update came from the StackExchange team and applies to all SE sites.

I also added the blurb from the comment below.


You can ask questions about these types of games:

  • Classic board games like Monopoly
  • Modern "German" style board games such as Settlers of Catan and Puerto Rico
  • Traditional Card games like Poker, Bridge and Euchre
  • Collectible Card Games like Magic: The Gathering

You can ask questions about these topics:

  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Rule clarifications, interactions or alterations
  • Play Etiquette and other social aspects around playing boardgames
  • Storage, Preparation, Enhancements or Repairs
  • Game Recommendations (with Restrictions)
  • Many other things...

Avoid questions about:

  • Trivial information easily procured elsewhere. I.e. "What games where released this year?"
  • Social inquiries about our members instead of games. I.e. "What's your favorite game?" - Use the chat such things.

Restrictions concerning Game Recommendations: To be determined

I've included game recommendations even though the decision is not yet final. This is just meant to illustrate how it might look if these questions are approved. - Kempeth

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