I am a new user to this Stack Exchange site (although I have been an active user on other SE sites for many years). I had wanted to ask a rules question about the collectible card game Spellfire, Master the Magic, but it seems there is no existing tag for it. I believe Spellfire was the second CCG created after MTG (but was discontinued in the 90s), so I'm a little surprised there is no tag for it already.

As a new user, I don't have enough to rep to create a new tag myself. Could someone possibly create a tag for Spellfire?

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Welcome to the site! Unfortunately, we can only create tags by adding them to questions, and up till today there aren't any Spellfire questions. Please ask your actual question on the main site, using any other tag (even if it's not really applicable). It's best to leave a comment asking for the tag to be created.

Once somebody else creates the tag, it's recommended to create a tag excerpt for it; otherwise, it might get cleaned up after six months.


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