Our site has these two tags:

  • on 42 questions. The tag wiki says: “The history tag explores variation editions of changes to a board game. It also is used for looking into the past events that lead up to a game in some way.”
  • on 6 questions. No tag wiki. Two of these questions are also tagged [history]. All questions are questions about the history of MTG. (The tag is not about the Historic mechanic.)

I believe the [mtg-history] tag is redundant since we can already signify we're asking about MTG history with a combination of the tags [magic-the-gathering] [history]. That's what other games are already doing: [yu-gi-oh] [history], [go] [history], [poker] [history], etc.

Should we burninate ?

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Yes, let's burninate it. It's redundant, and we can & should tag MTG history questions as .


I've just today burninated , since it seems like we didn't actually do that back in 2019. At the time of writing the post in favor of burninating the tag is at +17/–0.

I've removed it from the following questions which are all tagged :

  • Strangely enough now that the related tag is gone, a user has started asking questions about historic rules versions and mechanics, like the retired card type interrupt.
    – Andrew
    Sep 17, 2021 at 20:27

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