I want to find some information about spoken word games. Can I ask about them on this site? I am thinking of games that don’t require equipment, like for instance I Spy.

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Strictly speaking I Spy would be on-topic as it hits the 4 qualifications that we use to define an on-topic game here:

  1. Be playable on or around a table
  2. Have objective rules of play and win conditions (Ed-- Debatable, but I think it can be agreed that there is a set of general rules to follow in I Spy.)
  3. Offer dynamic challenges, either through other players, randomization, or both
  4. Be playable by hand, by human players implementing all of the rules

Beyond the strict definition I think I would be OK with good questions being asked about I Spy, especially since there doesn't seem to be a better home for them on the SE network.

  • Great! I couldn’t find anywhere else on SE to ask about the games I’m interested in (not in fact I Spy, but this was the best known example...) Feb 12, 2018 at 18:19
  • Agreed. Ruling out I Spy would lead to a grey area about then ruling out Code Names, which is quite obviously on topic.
    – GendoIkari
    Feb 13, 2018 at 22:30

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