As the Arkham Horror tag wiki and Eldritch Horror tag wiki shows, there are two naming conventions that are currently being used for expansion tags*:

Early Arkham Horror expansions do not have a prefix

Later Arkham Horror expansions have an "ah-" prefix

Eldritch Horror expansions do not have a prefix

What should be the naming convention of these Arkham Horror expansions going forward? And when we reach a consensus, could a mod or high-rep user please migrate tag wikis?

* The Black Goat of the Woods and The Lurker at the Threshold do not currently have tags on this site.

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    ah-curse-dark-pharaoh we could always shorten it. It'll still come up as people type it so it shouldn't be too bad to find right?
    – Wolfkin
    Jun 15, 2016 at 14:29

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They probably should have the ah- prefix, since as far as I can tell all other games that are an expansion for (or related to) another game have the games name (or abbreviation) as a prefix. Examples: , , and

I didn't find any other games that don't fit this pattern (but it is possible I missed something from a game I don't know much about)


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